Aesthetic excellence and predictable workflow

Medicalfit Esthetic offers a new solution for Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

Our restorative work using injectable composite, veneers or crowns are easy to implement in the clinic.
In this way we create a digital flow between the laboratory and the dental clinic.


Data collection and planning

It will start from the digitization of the patient through intraoral scanning and Medicalfit photographic protocol. Data captured through CBCT will also be relevant.

With all this information we will proceed to a treatment planning which can be shared with the patient through:

  • Video with post-treatment simulation.
  • STL plus initial 3D model.
  • STL plus initial 3D model with wax mold.
  • Ideal situation STL.
  • 3D printed mock-up for patient simulation.

Treatment plan

Once the doctor has agreed on the treatment with the patient, they will have a wide range of solutions to carry out the necessary collateral treatments.

  • Coronary lengthening splint.
  • Carving splint.
  • Silicone keys for direct provisionals.


The Medicalfit Esthetic line offers provisionals with high aesthetic and functional features, milled in very high quality PMMA IVOTION, which allows a satisfactory solution to the patient from the beginning of the treatment to its completion.


Treatment plan

For the final phase, Dentalesthetic has technologically more advanced laboratories and the most qualified professionals for the completion of treatments with a result according to what was planned and provisional.

The Medicalfit centers are specialized in the machining of lithium di-silicate, feldspathic ceramics and zirconium with state-of-the-art PM7 IVOCLAR milling machines that ensure obtaining a product of the highest quality according to all the indications of the most reliable manufacturers on the market.









100% digital workflow

MedicalFit Implans is a prosthetic treatment with a high degree of technical innovation that allows optimal results to be obtained safely and quickly.

MedicalFit. Faster, more secure. 100% digital workflow.

100% digital workflow

Medicalfit protocols use digital data obtained in the clinic and allow us to plan virtually and link this planning with guided surgery, digital orthodontics and aesthetic rehabilitation.

The results are totally predictable and less invasive.

If you want to know our protocol and how to implement it in the Clinic, contact us today and we will solve all your doubts.