100% digital ally in your Clinic.

Through digital data collection, we offer multidisciplinary solutions in digital dentistry.

At MedicalFit we offer you the most advanced digital protocols to improve the worlflow between the laboratory and the dental clinic.

  • Design and planning of digital implantology.
  • Restorative dentistry using veneers, crowns and prostheses.
  • Transparent aligners for orthodontics and aesthetic restorations.

Improve your workflow through our digital protocols

Medicalfit®, through its exclusive protocols, offers the best solutions in digital dentistry that are easy to implement in the clinic. Through the collection of digital data, we have planning and supply services of the final product with the greatest precision and speed.


Own procedures capable of rehabilitating our patients in a 100% digital process, obtaining results in complete screw-retained restorations, totally passive, durable and aesthetically predictable.


Starting from an intraoral scan and DSD® images, Medicalfit has developed an orthodontic protocol based on planning in which invisible aligners can be combined with other treatments.


We create solutions for restorative dentistry with a high aesthetic demand. Thanks to prior digital planning and the use of high-quality materials, we achieve excellent and long-lasting results.

Online treatment of data
between dental Clinic
and laboratory.

Through our VEVI DENTAL platform, the 100% digital flow between the laboratory and the clinic is done online in a simple and fast way.

All the digital data collected in the practice can be sent through our software in any type of format.

Our laboratory will process the data to carry out the necessary planning in the treatment required by the Dental Clinic.


Medicalfit. La digitalización es el presente y el futuro de la medicina
The best products and services: digitization 768 512 Medicalfit

The best products and services: digitization

Digitization, compared to the analog system, allows us to offer better products and services. Digitization as a natural evolution 1. Communication. For a treatment to be successful, there must be very clear communication between the clinic and the laboratory. The dictionary defines communication as “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a…

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Medicalfit Internal Hex. Librerias digitales de laboratorio dental
Digital libraries Medicalfit Internal Hex 768 509 Medicalfit

Digital libraries Medicalfit Internal Hex

Our 100% digital dental laboratory has just introduced the new Medicalfit Internal Hex digital libraries. Digital libraries are an essential part of modern digital dentistry. Thanks to them, the workflow between the laboratory and the dental practice is greatly improved. What is Medicalfit Internal Hex? It consists of the creation of its own digital libraries…

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